Update: Odor Control Plan

Below is an update report from City of Pearland Councilman Trent Perez who is on the TCEQ Municipal Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Advisory Council. The revised odor control plan is the 3rd revised plan the Blue Ridge Landfill has submitted in connection with its Agreed Order from the TCEQ for its permit violations. Your Boards of Brazoria County MUD 26 and BFBMUD 1 will continue to post updates as we receive them:

TCEQ received the revised odor control plan from BRL late afternoon on Thursday, March 8. TCEQ staff are currently reviewing the revised plan. They anticipate to provide a response to BRL by middle of next week on whether the plan will be approved as-is or require additional revision. Once the plan is approved, then implementation will begin per the effective enforcement order. Also, once the plan is approved by TCEQ, the enforcement order requires BRL to submit a permit modification application to the TCEQ within 60 days to incorporate the odor control plan into the Site Operating Plan of their MSW permit.